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Introducing Breeze


Introducing Breeze

A beautiful weather website, even for people with accessibility issues. Get it here

Main version

Accessibility friendly version

Terminal version

The npm package used in this screenshot is outdated, the new one can be found here


  • A simple interface that's beautiful
  • A terminal version for viewing the weather while programming, Get it on npm
  • An accessibility friendly version without comprimises.
  • Fast loading speed
  • Almost fully client side, no more sketchy server-side stuff
  • Fully open source, even the server side stuff, so you can verify that it is not sketchy yourself!

Source code

The source code for this project can be found here

About the project

The project was first made for just one of 7 projects I was supposed to make in a week. More about that here. I really liked how this project turned out and wanted to improve on it, so I decided to continue on with this project when the week was done. And that's how Breeze came to be. At first, it didn't offer an accessibility friendly mode, and was pretty limited, but I think it's improving slowly. I really love using it to experiment with stuff.

Accessibility mode

Click the accessibility button on the homepage to get to the accessibility version, or just click here

Accessibility mode is a mode that removes anything that would make it hard to understand the website, changes the font to a dyslexia friendly one, removes the background so that it is easy and clear to read, makes the text bigger so it's clear to read, and has a spoken version of the weather so that people that prefer audio over text can use the website without any issues. To use the spoken version, click the big "SPEAK" button.

Terminal version

The terminal version of Breeze is currently an alpha side project, which can be downloaded via npm from here or npm i -g breezeweather

Contributions are open!

If you wish to contribute to Breeze, feel free to do so! It's open source, and contributions are more than appreciated.

That's all

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, this is my first post on this blog, feel free to give me feedback on it using any of the socials listed on the footer of the website.